about us

It’s not about how we work;
it’s the process we follow

DARV TECH was founded as a search specialist, since then, we’ve transformed from a start-up to a team of professionals and have set the benchmark for search excellence not just in the India, but globally.

DARV TECH has led and shaped an industry through our technical expertise, creative strategies and award-winning digital content. Our technical and creative expertise has driven our growth over the past decade and it continues to power our future. We work hard to define and drive business changing results for our clients, delivering unrivalled insights and award-winning digital experiences.

Culture :

Modern search campaigns are complex beasts. In a world where brands are key thing you need the mix of the right skills to stand out. Our collaborative teams work across their disciplines and channels to combine the latest insights and audience data to help our clients solve complex brand problems.

We know that audiences don’t think in channels so our teams work together to deliver compelling campaigns which drive business changing performance through creative campaigns and engaging brand experiences.

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